Britt Hinrichs

ÅTTE Founder/CEO

Britt Hinrichs is the founder of ÅTTE Creative. With a foundation built in social media management and fashion marketing, her approach to digital branding is anything but typical.

She possesses a solid understanding of what it takes to create and execute the perfect digital brand, thanks to her years of experience in the public relations and digital branding industries.

Britt excels at developing brand strategies, managing digital relationships across all platforms, and educating her clients on best media practices.

She founded ÅTTE Creative - “ÅTTE,” the number “eight” in Norwegian, a number that symbolizes new beginnings and a language that pays a reflective homage to Britt’s grandmother - with the purpose of serving small and medium-sized businesses as a transparent, all-inclusive branding agency.

Britt is also the founder and publisher of Honestly Unfiltered, a digital platform about empowerment, entrepreneurship and not giving a f@*$.


Nicole Gardner

Design Lead / COO

Nicole Gardner is a graphic designer. Nicole uses design as a visual language to illustrate stories with creative and thoughtful expression.

With experience working with artists and art galleries, authors and photographers, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs, Nicole has a unique approach to individualizing every visual project she takes on by using intention for every design element.

To bring a brand’s identity to life, Nicole designs brand logos, packaging, media kits, marketing materials and more.

In addition to her work with ÅTTE, Nicole is a freelance designer immersed in the creative scene of Chicago.


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